Do you give legal advice?

Although some of our tutors are dually qualified in law and ethics, the training focuses on medical ethics. This is why all our trainers are required to hold a PhD in medical ethics and to have significant experience of teaching the subject to clinicians. We feel that the fact our trainers are professional medical ethicists adds value to the course.

What happens in the training sessions?

You will be given course materials and the tutor will go through ethical topics of relevance to your situation and interests. The training courses usually last 5-6 hours. At the end of the training, you will be given a certificate of completion and letter confirming your attendance.

Where do sessions take place?

Usually, these take place in central London but our tutors are able to travel in some circumstances. At the moment, the training is conducted via Zoom or in person.

How much does the training cost?

This depends on the individual case and the amount of preparation required. Please enquire for further details.

How do I book my one-to-one training?

Simply call 0800 368 9230 for a free enquiry or complete the online form