Ethics training for doctors, medical students & clinicians

"a relevant, intensive, and high quality one-to-one course" Medical Practitioners Tribunal, May 2023 (Record of Determinations in the case of Mr A. Jain)

"The work that you have done with several of my clients has, in my judgement, saved their careers", barrister representing clinicians at tribunal hearings, November 2023 

One-to-one training for healthcare professionals and medical students facing ethical or conduct challenges

Delivered by recognised experts in the field of medical ethics and recommended by medical defence organisations to assist with the demonstration of insight and remediation

We design and deliver bespoke courses for clinicians keen to deepen their knowledge and understanding of medical ethics

Our courses, which are particularly suitable for those clinicians undergoing disciplinary proceedings or seeking restoration back onto the register, are recognised and accredited by the CPD Certification Service

Listen here to our MDU podcast (October 2021) on how to write reflective statements, featuring the Centre for Remedial Ethics' founder, Daniel Sokol

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Why Use the Centre for Remedial Ethics?

We tailor the course to the clinician’s individual needs and circumstances

We can arrange courses at any time, often at short notice

One to one
No awkward groups.  Simply one-to-one instruction

The clinician can speak freely without fear that anything he or she says will be disclosed to others

Our tutors are recognised experts in the field of medical ethics

From consultant surgeons undergoing disciplinary procedures to paramedic students facing Fitness to Practise hearings, we have delivered ethics training to a wide range of specialties

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you give legal advice?

Although some of our tutors are dually qualified in law and ethics, the training focuses on medical ethics. This is why all our trainers are required to hold a PhD in medical ethics and to have significant experience of teaching the subject to clinicians. We feel that the fact our trainers are professional medical ethicists adds value to the course.

What happens in the training sessions?

You will be given course materials and the tutor will go through ethical topics of relevance to your situation and interests. The training courses usually last 5-6 hours. At the end of the training, you will be given a certificate of completion and letter confirming your attendance.

Where do sessions take place?

Usually, these take place in central London but our tutors are able to travel in some circumstances. At the moment, the training is conducted via Zoom or in person.

How much does the training cost?

This depends on the individual case and the amount of preparation required. Please enquire for further details.

How do I book my one-to-one training?

Simply call 0800 368 9230 for a free enquiry or complete the online form


  • From MPTS outcome letter: “The Tribunal took account of the steps Dr S has taken to remediate and address the issues of the earlier Tribunal findings. Whilst acknowledging that dishonesty is difficult to remediate, the Tribunal noted the relevant courses he has undertaken and reflected upon: […] Medical ethics one to one with Dr Sokol, specialist in ethics and probity. The Tribunal determined that he has engaged properly in reflecting upon the fundamental tenet of probity required for a member of the medical profession. The Tribunal therefore determined he was no longer impaired by this reason of dishonesty.”

    Dr S, A & E - December 2020

  • From MPTS outcome letter (July 2021): "The Tribunal also noted that Dr XXX had attended an individualised one-on-one ethics course and has also discussed the case extensively with his wife, who is also a doctor. The Tribunal was of the view that this further demonstrated that Dr XXX has challenged himself and taken a thoughtful approach to his remediation. Type of case: Misconduct; Outcome on impairment: Not Impaired."

    Dr M, March 2021

  • It was an extremely good course which I did enjoy despite the circumstances behind it. I appreciated your friendly delivery, empathetic approach and logical barristerial mind. Many thanks for your wise advice. The [medical defence organisation] were interested to know how I’d got on and am certain they will send more clients your way. I will certainly give you a 10/10 Tripadvisor rating! Seriously though it was intellectually stimulating, interesting and instructive

    Dr X, Consultant Physician - February 2021

  • When looking to carry out CPD following a recent GMC complaint I considered a number of other providers including Oxford Medical and the Centre for Boundary Studies. I particularly appreciated Daniel's dual training in ethics and law. The bespoke 1:1 nature of his training course was excellent, and his in-depth perspective is one that I could not have got from either a generic course or 1:1 discussion with a senior Medical Director. The course was engaging, informative and very interesting; he provided specific direct challenges and discussion on the pertinent issues and key points of my particular case. I would highly recommend his services to anyone facing a complex complaint and feel in a much better position to respond to my complaint following the course.

    Dr O, A & E - December 2020

  • I cannot recommend this course highly enough. It was tailored to my own situation and addressed the relevant areas. It was interesting, interactive and an enjoyable way to spend a morning.

    Dr T, GP, December 2020

  • The one-to-one teaching was excellent and tailored exactly to my needs. At first I was not clear what the best ethics remediation course would be for someone in my situation but after my defence union endorsed Dr Sokol's course I was confident it would deliver exactly what I needed. On the day, the course was well structured with excellent handout and reading material. The environment was comfortable and professional. I particularly found it useful that Dr Sokol explained generic ethics principles and made them relevant to my situation. I would highly recommend him as a superb ethics teacher.

    Mr F, Consultant Surgeon - October 2019

  • I found Dr Sokol’s advice and guidance invaluable in understanding the history of medical ethics and current fundamental principles. Moreover, he gave great insight into how the guiding principles of ethics apply to clinical practice, in common and unusual circumstances. The course has helped me to better understand GMC principles and has taught me invaluable tools for me to use in my clinical practice.

    Dr D, GP - October 2020

  • I am a medical doctor in my mid career who has had a difficult time with the GMC recently. I approached Dr Sokol on the advice of Professor Raanan Gillon. He was more than generous in his support and help. I attended a one to one, focused, instructive and entertaining course on medical ethics. I am glad that I had the opportunity to meet and learn from him and would recommend this course to all doctors needing to educate themselves about the vital importance of medical ethics to their clinical practice.

    Dr T, A & E - October 2020

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